Citizens’ Corps

What is the Citizens’ Corps?

Chalkboard’s Citizens’ Corps consists of a growing number of community members from throughout Oregon who support Chalkboard’s long-term K-12 education reform efforts. These volunteers serve as ambassadors for Chalkboard in their communities, and help promote Chalkboard’s broad set of school improvement proposals.

Citizens’ Corps members reflect the diversity of Oregon. They include parents, educators, businesspeople, civic volunteers and leaders, retirees, philanthropists and students. Nearly all of Oregon’s 36 counties are represented in the group. Click here for a list of current Citizens’ Corps members.

What does the Citizens’ Corps do?

Citizens’ Corps members are actively helping Chalkboard in a number of ways. Since late 2006, their activities have included:

  • Identifying and scheduling speaking engagements in their communities to share information about Chalkboard
  • Participating in Chalkboard radio and print advertising
  • Submitting guest columns and letters to the editor to local newspapers about Chalkboard initiatives
  • Calling, writing to and meeting with legislators to promote Chalkboard’s legislative proposals

We call on citizens’ corps members when we need project-related help. We encourage them to help identify Chalkboard outreach opportunities in their communities. We don’t ask citizens’ corps members to do any fundraising.

What is the time commitment?

We do not ask citizens’ corps members to make specific time commitments. We provide them with regular updates about how they can be of help to Chalkboard, and appreciate when those who can help with those activities do so. We do ask citizens’ corps members to be eyes and ears for Chalkboard in their communities, and to be proactive in keeping us informed about local opportunities to connect with citizens.