2015 Legislative Agenda

Chalkboard is working hard to encourage Oregon to focus its efforts and limited resources on proven practices that can benefit all students and all teachers in every classroom.

Current Legislative Priorities

Chalkboard’s highest priority is to increase the Network fund and prioritize funding for:

  • Expansion of the School District Collaboration Fund (state-funded version of the CLASS Project) to meet the continued and growing demand
  • Oregon Beginning Teacher & Administrator Mentoring Program to serve at least the current number of new teachers and administrators, if not all
  • Support for school district implementation of educator evaluation systems and professional development needs related to implementation of Common Core State Standards
  • Completion and evaluation of TeachOregon teacher preparation pilots
  • The new Leading for Learning initiative for new and current administrators that will support a powerful new generation of highly effective school leaders

 2015 Funding Priorities


Policy changes that Chalkboard will be seeking in this legislative session include:

  • Improving student teaching experiences by requiring trained cooperating teachers
  • Strengthening the approval process for teacher preparation programs
  • Ensuring implementation of SB 290 (educator evaluations) in all public schools, traditional and charter

Senate Bill 78

Senate Bill 83

House Bill 2186


In addition, Chalkboard is partnering with the Governor’s Office, ODE, and OEIB, to:

  • Enhance the School District Collaboration Fund with opportunities for additional innovations by participating districts
  • Allow nonprofits, like Chalkboard, to not only provide technical assistance, but administer the grant program
  • Align the Network for Quality Teaching and Learning with the educator career pathway to ensure that all work of the Network supports educators