Teachers’ Corps: Educators, Let’s Work Together

Teachers, we honor you as leaders in improving Oregon education. As you strive to build a better Oregon on a daily basis, Chalkboard wants to help.

Join the Teachers’ Corps now!

The Teachers’ Corps is a network of Oregon educators committed to teaching quality, career advancement, lifelong learning and improved student achievement. The Corps’ primary purpose is to foster an open dialogue amongst teachers and between other education stakeholders on the most impactful steps Oregonians can take to support the professional practice of teaching.

Like our Citizens’ Corps, Teachers’ Corps members share Chalkboard’s goal of improving Oregon’s K-12 education system to make it among the nation’s best in student achievement.

How can we best support high-quality teaching in Oregon?

How can we best communicate with your fellow teachers?

How can we best advocate for the kinds of professional development opportunities you need?

You decide on your level of commitment:

  • Tell us YOUR ideas for improving education in Oregon;
  • Complete brief email surveys on teaching issues;
  • Speak out by submitting guest columns and letters to the editor to local newspapers;
  • Participate in regional events that gather feedback from local educators;
  • Keep us informed about community opportunities to engage with teachers;
  • Call, write to or meet with legislators to promote legislative proposals; and
  • Serve as Chalkboard ambassadors in your school and community.