Mentoring Resources

The Oregon Mentoring Program for Beginning Teachers and Administrators uses a mentoring model designed by the New Teacher Center (NTC) at the University of California, Santa Cruz. NTC draws from over 20 years of training educator mentors.

Feedback & Assessment

Mentor programs focus on assessment as a critical step in the process. Like any student, the feedback a new educator receives from the mentor provides valuable assistance and growth. It also allows the beginning educator to set goals and chart benchmarks.

However, like any teacher could tell you, combining constructive criticism and instruction can often be difficult. Below you will find strategies from NTC for tackling this challenging, yet necessary process.

NTC Formative Assessment System (FAS)

FAS is a collaborative and evolving process that helps a new teacher achieve the growth they desire. FAS is practiced on a day-to-day basis as a part of the mentoring program. Mentors are able to collect data and information from the beginning teacher, analyze it, and then apply that information to coaching strategies. Assessment relies on open communication and a give-and-take mentor/new teacher relationship.

NTC Assessment and Supervision of Principals

Like the FAS for new teachers, the assessment of principals is also an ever-evolving process. It relies on supervisory feedback and the setting of realistic and achievable goals. The support provided by a mentor can be very useful during the difficult balancing act needed to lead a school.