Professional Development Resources

On this page you’ll find links to agencies, institutions, and organizations helping Oregon teachers & school leaders develop professionally.

General Support: Here you will find links to a variety of supports and resources – from archives to news sources.

Administrator Resources: A variety of research sites and tools designed specifically for school leaders and administrators.

Teaching Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC): Direct link to the commission’s official state agency website, with details on standards teachers must meet to practice in Oregon.

TSPC Standards for Program Approval: Description of objectives teachers must meet to be licensed to practice in Oregon, as detailed in Oregon Administrative Rules.

Special Education Guide: Website for parents and teachers of children with special needs, and people who want to become special education teachers.

State Teacher Organizations: Links to professional support organizations by subject matter, i.e. Oregon Art Education Association.

Teacher Networks: Resources for teachers to exchange ideas and collaborate with fellow educators, parents, community members and legislators throughout Oregon.

Teach Tomorrow: Teaching degrees and career resource.