Quality Educators

  • Why Teacher Preparation Matters – 2011 – A presentation by Chalkboard Project’s Kate Dickson. Summarizes the current research and state of teacher preparation programs in Oregon and outlines a plan for continued development.
  • Teaching Effectiveness and Why It Matters – February 2010 – Produced in partnership with the Department of Education at Marylhurst University, this paper serves to help contextualize the conversation around teacher effectiveness. Providing background information on effective teaching practices and drawing connections to professional practice and multiple measures of student achievement, this paper is an introduction to a much-needed dialogue around teacher effectiveness.
  • How Well Is Oregon Supporting Excellence in Our Schools? – 2008 – A very successful business invests in keeping its employees well trained and at the top of their profession. Teachers need that investment, too. Chalkboard makes recommendations in five areas of teacher professional development: equity, quality, professional learning, time, and accountability.
  • Pay for Performance – 2006 – This paper outlines the issue of pay for performance and outlines a policy that would encourage Oregon school districts to adopt alternative methods of compensating their teachers.
  • Educator Workgroup – 2006 – Chalkboard pulled together a group of community leaders, educators and citizens from across the state to delve into the issue of educator quality and deliver a list of consensus recommendations for policy and programmatic next steps (Full Report) (Key Findings)

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