Student Success


  • Background on Innovation Zones – December 2009 – Innovation Zone (IZ) policies have been implemented in West Virginia and Colorado, and are being considered in other states. An IZ policy allows schools to obtain IZ status enabling them to bypass a subset of district and state regulations thus freeing them to implement innovative administrative strategies and teaching techniques to advance student performance.
  • A Deeper Look at the Black-White Achievement Gap in Multnomah County. – February 2009 – A statistical portrait of Black students and their teachers spanning six school districts in Multnomah County. The research reveals that the gap is not primarily about the pace at which students learn, but where they start out.Read more about the Black-White Achievement Gap in Multnomah County
  • Extended Learning Time – December 2010 – An update of the 2008 report and expansion on the original recommendations.
  • Early Age Initiative – There is no silver bullet to increasing student achievement. But two practices to help early learners show particular promise – reducing K-1 class sizes to 15 students, and providing reading tutors to every K-3 student reading below grade level.

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