Past Initiatives & Successes

When Chalkboard formed in 2004, it did so without a policy agenda, but with a clear mission to help make Oregon’s schools among the best in the nation. Since that time Chalkboard has looked for the intersection between best practices research and what Oregonian’s want for their schools in order to pursue legislation, pilot projects, grant programs and trainings. Below are highlights of past initiatives and successes.

You can also learn more about our previous advocacy efforts as well as our research.

Black-White Achievement Gap in Multnomah County

Chalkboard provided funding to the Black Parent Initiative to research the state of the achievement gap in Multnomah County schools. The report identifies schools that are successfully closing the gap as well as schools in which the gap is widening. Learn more.

Libraries of Eastern Oregon Free Tutoring

Chalkboard teamed up with the Libraries of Eastern Oregon (LEO) and to provide free online tutoring to students in eastern Oregon. All they need is a library card. Learn more.

Parent Involvement

Chalkboard knows that parents are an important element to student success. We have worked on a number of programs to help build stronger parent-school relationships, and to help parents engage in their child’s education. Learn More.

Best Business Practice Reviews

In the summer of 2007, the Chalkboard Project and the Oregon Association of School Business Officials (OASBO) joined forces to launch a pilot project reviewing business operations practices in five Oregon school districts.

OASBO selected six volunteer districts of varying sizes, geography, and demographics to participate in the review: Beaverton School District, Eugene School District 4J, Greater Albany Public Schools, Harney County School District #3 (Burns), Salem-Keizer School District and Yoncalla School District.

Read the district reports and a summary of the process