Our Board of Directors

Chalkboard is not your typical special interest group. We are a catalyst for identifying the kind of common-sense solutions that will bring a new level of quality to Oregon’s K-12 public schools. We are not outsiders suggesting changes from afar. We are parents and grandparents and community members and products of Oregon’s schools ourselves.

Chalkboard – an initiative of Foundations For A Better Oregon – is sponsored by a growing list of independent Oregon foundations. We were formed by five of Oregon’s largest foundations, and now receive support from 20, mostly Oregon-based, foundations and charitable funds. Six foundations that provide the majority of our funding are represented on our board of directors.

The Collins Foundation
Truman Collins, Chair
Cynthia G. Addams

The Ford Family Foundation
Anne Kubisch
Carrie Thompson

Wendt Family Foundation
Bob Kingzett
Rod Wendt

Meyer Memorial Trust
Doug Stamm

Oregon Community Foundation
Corrine Oishi
Max Williams

James F. & Marion L. Miller Foundation
Bill Swindells
Martha Richards

At-Large Director:
Greg Chaillé

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