Our Equity Journey | The Chalkboard Project

Our Equity Journey

Ensuring every child as the opportunity to attain an excellent education

Educational equity is our collective responsibility

At Chalkboard, we are united through our mission of educational equity for all children. We know we cannot achieve this on our own. Just as we are committed to our organizational work around equity and diversity, we work hard to create partnerships with others who have demonstrated knowledge and expertise in advancing equity. 

We believe that our goals will only be achieved when we assume individual and collective responsibility for investing our ideas, energy, and resources toward a vision of achieving educational equity.

Achieving meaningful progress toward equity, justice, and unity

While we all may not share the same political beliefs and perspectives, we do share neighborhoods, schools, friends, family, and places of work and worship. We must continue to embrace the diversity and build deeper connections to foster greater inclusion and equity. We must break down barriers that create fear, mistrust, and most of all hate. And we must hold our leaders accountable for their words, actions, and deeds.