Our Story | The Chalkboard Project

Our Story

Different from the start

  • We are independent and nonpartisan. We are not a special interest group. 
  • We provide independent, nonbiased, and focused research to discover best and promising practices for Oregon’s schools.
  • We serve as an independent voice to citizens, education stakeholders, and decision makers.

Chalkboard Project is an initiative of Foundations for a Better Oregon—six independent, nonpartisan Oregon foundations united by a common purpose: A better state for all Oregonians. The goal is elevating student achievement, eradicating achievement inequalities, and making our K-12 public schools among the best in the nation.

Our Mission

Help create systemic reform in the quality, accountability, and stable funding of Oregon's K-12 public schools.

Our Vision

Oregon's K-12 schools are among the best in the nation as measured by student achievement and educational equity.

Educator Effectiveness

An effective teacher has the single greatest influence on how well a student learns; school leaders are second. That’s why our efforts focus on ensuring educators and school leaders have the systems and supports they need to help every student succeed. 

Getting serious about improving public education means a strong commitment to ensuring EVERY student has an effective teacher.