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2019 Legislative Agenda

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Our 2019 Legislative Agenda

During the 2019 legislative session, Chalkboard Project will continue to support increased educator voice and better student outcomes by advocating for funding of the following four bills:

In 2017, Senate Bill 182 passed with overwhelming bipartisan support and established the Educator Advancement Council (EAC). The EAC puts professional educators in the driver’s seat; its 23 members are directly involved in the education system working as classroom teachers, administrators, community leaders, and state agency leaders. Their charge is to design a statewide system of support for teachers at all stages of their career, improving how we recruit, prepare and support our educator workforce. During the 2019 legislative session, we will continue to advocate for resources and structures that allow the EAC to operate as an effective and robust system of supports for all educators. You can read more about the EAC here.

The Early Childhood Equity Fund is asking for a $20 million-dollar investment to bring effective culturally specific early learning programs into our statewide system. Investing in the Fund is a step toward closing the opportunity gap in Oregon; it will help to expand access to preschool and make available culturally specific early learning and parent engagement programs that teach kids to communicate, form relationships, and build their early reading and writing skills with an approach that is grounded in their home language and unique cultural experiences. You can learn more about The Early Childhood Equity Fund here.

Senate Bill 13: Tribal History/Shared History was passed into law during the 2017 legislative session. The Bill will create statewide curriculum relating to the Oregon Native American experience, including tribal history, tribal sovereignty, culture, treaty rights, government, socioeconomic experiences, and current events. The Oregon Department of Education is requesting additional money for effective and robust implementation of the bill, including supporting educators as they fullfill curriculum in the classroom. Tribal history is imperative content for all children– it will teach honest history and allow all children to see themselves reflected in our State's narrative. You can read more about the Bill and its work here.

House Bill 2016: African American/Black Student Success Plan was enacted in 2015 and directed the Oregon Department of Education to develop and implement a statewide education plan for African American/Black students who are in early childhood through post-secondary education programs. We need to continue to invest in programs that help communities who have been historically marginalized and have faced institutional barriers so that all students feel valued and have access to rigorous education. You can find out more about the Plan here.