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Legislative Agenda

A focus on proven practices that can benefit all students and teachers in every classroom

Our 2017 Legislative Agenda

Chalkboard's highest priority during the 2017 legislative session passed. Senate Bill 182 establishes a new and innovative approach to remaking a fractured educator support system into an effective, coordinated one led by educators. Established by the Educator Advancement Council, the Bill is designed to leverage state resources and create a statewide system of educator networks to support every Oregon educator in a deeper way by tailoring professional development based on their needs.

Senate Bill 182 includes: 

  • Establishing the Educator Advancement Council: A new and innovative approach to leveraging the state's education innovation dollars informed by practice.
  • Supporting educators in a deeper way by tailoring professional development and learning based on their needs.
  • Improving the distribution of state innovation dollars across urban and rural districts.

Senate Bill 182 is based on recommendations developed by the Governor's Council on Advancement.

Funding Priorities

Chalkboard's funding priority was the Network for Quality Teaching and Learning Fund. The Fund was successfully secured at nearly $39.5 million for the 2017-19 biennium to ensure continued commitment to educator excellence.

Other Legislative Priorities That Passed

  • Senate Bill 221 - Educator preparation program accreditation to extend the cutoff for accreditation from 2022 to 2025.
  • House Bill 2845 - To establish a working group to develop statewide ethnic studies standards and create a new category for ethnic studies within the social studies standards. (See Helpful Links in right sidebar for more information.)