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Feb 28, 2017

District engages in rigorous process to improve professional learning


Reprinted with permission. This blog post first appeared in Dr. Angle’s Blog at Day Creek Charter Schools on February 7, 2017. Dr. Mark Angle is superintendent of Days Creek Charter School.

Days Creek Charter School is fortunate to have been one of three Douglas County School Districts to be selected to participate in a rigorous process to examine how we deliver professional learning and to plan ways to better engage our faculty in designing and participating in quality professional learning that has positive impacts on student achievement.

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Feb 16, 2017

An aspiring leader remembers how it felt to be a disconnected and disenfranchised teenager

Alyssa Dodds was a high school dropout at 16. She didn’t feel challenged or motivated, and after an administrator suggested she stay enrolled so as not to ruin the school’s “numbers,” she walked out.

Eventually she earned a GED, working two jobs on the way to a degree from the University of Oregon. She says,  “It was really good to go to college and reinvigorate my love for learning.”

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Jan 13, 2016

Improvement science aligns education solutions to real problems

“When we identify a problem of practice, when we take the time to analyze why there is a problem in the first place, when we engage in a process where everyone feels like their voice has been heard, where everyone is engaged, this is where true change can take place.” — Design Team Member

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Nov 3, 2015

Choosing leadership and testing personal ability to make a difference

While I was a teacher, I had a principal who commended me on my job although I didn’t believe her at first. After hearing such positive feedback from my principal, I thought: If I’m making a difference with 30 kids, is it possible I could make a difference with 300 kids?

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