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Seasons's Greetings
Dec 21, 2015

Season's greetings from Chalkboard

The staff had an amazing time volunteering and learning more about the amazing efforts of the Oregon Food Bank.
“Happy Holidays!” from Chalkboard Project and Foundations For A Better Oregon.

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Dec 3, 2015

Getting it right is not impossible: The need for leadership at all levels

Keynote Peter Cunningham, executive director of Education Post and former assistant secretary for communications and outreach for the U.S. Department of Education, kicked off the event with a talk that ranged from electoral politics to funding equity to professional development.

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May 26, 2015

It didn't take long to feel the power of collaboration

What happens when you bring together educators and school leaders for an all-day event to share innovations and best practices? You get a super-charged environment of learning, collaboration, creativity, and connection.

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Oct 8, 2014

Islands of excellence in school leadership are not enough

A hallmark of effective school principals is that they find a way to prioritize instructional leadership over traditional administrative tasks. While no two schools operate exactly alike, in my experience a common trait in schools led by highly effective principals is that they empower leadership at all levels of the organization, which allows them to focus more deeply on improving student achievement.

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