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Educators collaborating at white board
Jun 29, 2016

Helping principals focus on what matters most.

School district leaders from across Oregon huddled at round tables to share achievements attained and lessons learned through Chalkboard Project’s Leading for Learning initiative.  Afterward, they shared their thoughts on how transformative they found the experience.

  • School Leadership
Jun 28, 2016

Two-year program inspires systems change for district leaders

Nearly 40 school district administrators completed the school leadership program—Leading for Learning. Several administrators sat down with us to share how their practice has changed during the two years of training, and how this new professional learning model has helped them deepen their instructional leadership skills and help foster system supports for principals in their districts.

  • School Leadership
Jun 24, 2016

Preschool Promise: High-quality preschool for more Oregon kids

[Editor’s Note: Chalkboard invites guest bloggers to share their perspectives on Oregon’s K-12 education system. The Children’s Institute supports public and private investments in high-quality early programs and links early childhood with K-12.]

Swati Adarkar, President & CEO, Children’s Institute

  • Student Success
Teacher engaging with young students
Jun 17, 2016

Shared Leadership: The power of collaboration and teacher voice

Teachers in the David Douglas School District are taking charge as never before, taking on new leadership opportunities and making their voices heard in their schools and across the district.

That groundswell in teacher empowerment is fueled by the district’s work with the School District Collaboration Fund, which builds upon Chalkboard Project’s CLASS model. The model puts heavy emphasis on career pathways and professional development for teachers.

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Children learning at desks in classroom
Jun 15, 2016

I’m ready to be a teacher: Co-teaching strategies help teacher candidates prepare for the classroom.

Kellery Divilbiss wasn’t sure what to expect of her student-teaching experience. All she knew before starting her first day was that she was “definitely nervous.”

Fortunately for her, Divilbiss was placed in Kelsey Harris’s classroom at Salem’s Cesar Chavez Elementary School. Harris put her at ease right away, getting Divilbiss to help set up the second-grade room before the student even arrived to start the school year. “It’s all about having that trust,” Harris says.

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