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Oct 3, 2012

Part 1: Best practices in evaluation design

Highly effective teachers are especially important for struggling students: Multiple studies have found that a series of strong teachers can help previously low-achieving students soar academically, while a series of weak ones can lead such students to stagnate. Informed by this research, many states, including Oregon, have begun to create more rigorous systems for measuring teachers’ effectiveness.

  • Evaluation
Sep 24, 2012

The importance of reducing chronic absenteeism

In February, Oregon became one of the first states to take a thorough look at its school attendance data, and the results surprised many of us. Nearly a quarter of students missed 10 percent or more of school year, a level of absenteeism that put them at risk academically.

  • Student Success
Sep 18, 2012

South Lane School District pursues TIF 4

South Lane School District’s decision to pursue a Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) grant from the U.S. Department of Education was really a “no brainer.” The district has anchored their key improvement efforts around the CLASS Project and the four blueprint areas.

  • Compensation
Sep 17, 2012

Building social capital among teachers

Professional learning communities in schools, when run well, can profoundly enhance social capital and, thus student achievement. At PSU we are working with our P-12 school partners and other universities in the Metro area to find ways to build social capital among teacher candidates, P-12 teachers and administrators, and university faculty.

  • Teacher Preparation
Sep 11, 2012

Tips for education advocates

As parents and students settle into the new school year, K-12 public education advocates prepare for the new legislative session scheduled to begin only four months from now. A quick overview of Oregonians’ attitudes about K-12 public education may be valuable to these warriors as they gird for battle in Salem. Some of these considerations may not be news, but as I watch those advocating for a better K-12 public education system, I am often left wondering if it wouldn’t help to remind ourselves of some past lessons.

  • Policy


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