School Board Governance and Equity | The Chalkboard Project

School Board Governance and Equity

Every community deserves a great school district

School board members and superintendents have shared responsibility to create high-performing schools. The challenges they face in today’s educational environment are immense: prepare all students for success during their school years and beyond, especially those from historically underserved communities. This requires adept leaders, innovative designs, supportive teamwork, and bold leadership.

Chalkboard Project’s pilot seeks to test evidence-based practices that help build and sustain highly effective boards. The pilot aims to help school boards:

  1. Receive training around governance and leadership to leverage their impact on student success.
  2. Implement equitable practices and policies to be better impact the success of students of color.
  3. Increase the diversity of school board members.

Participating district leaders and school board members co-design a customized model and framework for effective board governance with guidance from expert governance trainers and an equity coach. Working side by side, participants receive coaching and consulting during the year-long pilot as they learn to use multiple data measures for decision making, establish a clear vision and strategic focus, transform their districts into high-performing systems, and seek deep transformation to meet the needs of the children and communities they serve.