TIF | The Chalkboard Project

Teacher Incentive Fund

A national initiative designed to reward leadership, innovation, and student learning and growth


In 2010, Chalkboard Project and five Oregon districts were awarded $24.4 million to collaboratively design teacher and principal evaluation and compensation systems. Embedded in TIF are the following principles of design:

  • Teachers are included at the table to create, design, and implement meaningful reform
  • Ideas and solutions should come from within our schools and districts
  • We need to support stronger evaluation processes
  • Look for more ways to measure student growth
  • There should be more flexibility in rewarding teachers who excel

Who is participating in TIF?

The TIF grant is a five-year action research project where qualifying schools are high needs and, upon selection for participation, were underperforming in at least one academic area. The five school districts participating in TIF are:

  1. Greater Albany Public Schools
  2. Bend-La Pine School District
  3. Crook County School District
  4. Redmond School District
  5. Salem-Keizer School District

Impact of TIF

The district leaders and principals participating in TIF have received effective training on evaluation systems and conducting accurate observations. The ongoing evaluation training and the use of a common language for observations and ratings have helped teachers receive consistent and specific feedback.

Teachers have received additional training and supports, such as mentors for new teachers, high quality feedback from evaluators, and access to additional professional development. Participating teachers have reported they better understand concepts that will help grow their careers such as expectations and teacher career development opportunities.