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Black Students in Oregon

Black Student in Oregon was co-commissioned by KairosPDX and Chalkboard Project. The report analyzes the black-white achievement gap in the State of Oregon.

Sealing the Cracks

Data Quality Campaign and Chalkboard Project examine nine states and their high school completion rates and suggest ways to impact high school completion.

Economics of the Achievement Gap

The economic cost of the achievement gap between Oregon's Latino, African-American, and American Indian students and their White peers.

Creative Leadership Achieves Student Success: The CLASS Project (White Paper)

The CLASS Project is a process by which teachers develop the next generation career model for their districts, which elevates the teaching profession and improves outcomes for children. This paper delineates the CLASS Project model, outlines the research underpinning its strategy, analyzes its impacts on the ground, describes Chalkboard’s accompanying legislative and policy initiatives, and discusses CLASS’ evolution, implementation challenges, and lessons learned.

Oregon's SB 290: A Primer

The Primer is a guide for Oregon's educational leaders to support the successful implementation of Senate Bill 290.

Making Oregon a great place to teach: Recommendations from the Distinguished Educators Council

Making Oregon a great place to teach is an essential component of improving education. If Oregon is serious about reversing the sliding performance in too many schools and creating vibrant classrooms that help all students achieve at high levels, then making Oregon a great place to teach needs to be a core strategy. This report details recommendations—after months of study and discussion—for ensuring Oregon is a great place to teach.