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Five key trends in U.S. student performance

Progress by blacks and Hispanics, the takeoff of Asians, the stall of non-English speakers, the persistence of socioeconomic gaps, and the damaging effect of highly segregated schools.

Report from the Governor's Council on Educator Advancement

The Council proposes an equitable and sustainable model to extend support across both rural and urban school districts, leveraging resources through a new partnership between public education agencies, institutions and non-profit partners with flexibility for local contexts and priorities. 


FormSwift allows you to customize lesson plan templates or download a blank lesson plan template for free. In addition, their Lesson Plans Hub has been optimized for the Common Core State Standards, so each English, math and science lesson plan template that you design and download will match the most up-to-date lesson plan protocols.

For the public good: Quality preparation for every teacher

Bank Street College of Education tackles quality sustained clinical practice as one component of ensuring aspiring teachers are prepared for the classroom and profiles the Salem-Keizer School District's efforts in co-teaching as one example.

2016 Chronic Absenteeism Report

The Chief Education Office has commissioned this report on chronic absenteeism in Oregon schools to better understand this problem in general, to specifically hear from students and families most likely to be chronically absent, and to present recommendations for the State and local communities. The report, created in collaboration with Portland State University and the Coalition of Communities of Color, gathered data through 44 focus groups in seven communities across the State. is a website for teachers by teachers. Since great educators are always needed, they aim to continuously inform and encourage aspiring and current teachers.

Oregon Educator Equity Report

Report highlighting progress in Oregon towards recruiting, preparing, hiring, retaining, and advancing and educator workforce that better reflects the state's K-12 student demographics.

Is Teaching a Profession?

Paper by Dr. Judith Ramaley that addresses the question of whether the teaching profession is a profession.

Preparing Principals to Evaluate Teachers

An article from the NGA Center for Best Practices discussing teacher evaluation and next steps, professional development, and what Governors can do to ensure principals receive proper training as well as how they can push for changes in state policy.

June Research Update

A analysis by the National Center on Education and the Economy that examines four countries' successful education systems and how the strategies could be applied to U.S. schools.