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Oregon Council for the Social Studies

Organization that provides quality curriculum idea for promoting effective teaching and learning in the social studies.

Oregon Art Education Association

Advocates for the advancement and expansion of quality visual arts education in all schools.

Read Oregon

Focus on K-12 literacy by the State Action for Education Leadership Project (SAELP )

Teacher-to-Teacher Initiative

Designed by teachers for teachers in order to provide technical support, professional development opportunities, and recognition for teachers of all content areas and grade levels.


Website with extensive resources for educators.

AT&T Knowledge Network Explorer

Provides numerous resources for lesson plans, video conferencing collaboration projects, webquests and other learning projects.

A teacher-recomended social network for current and future educators.

The Teachers Corner

A website with teacher resources and lesson plans.

Teachers Network

Organization who's goal is to empower, recognize, and connect teachers to improve student learning, and to advocate for teacher leadership, all for the public good.

Website where teacher-users contribute the content and direct site development, providing free resources for other teaachers.

Teacher Leaders Network

This award-winning blog is an initiative of the Center for Teacher Quality.

Teacher Focus

A website that offers chat rooms organized around topics.


A network and resource for teachers.

A resource helping teachers and students create blogs.