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TeachOregon: Teacher pipeline recruitment brings challenges

What will become the best solution for Oregon’s need to hire more multi-lingual and diverse teachers? Chalkboard convened a day-long summit, “Nurturing and Supporting Entry into the Educator Pipeline/Pathway” at Chemeketa College, Salem, October 28. The event was convened and facilitated by TeachOregon Project Director Mary Cadez.

Leading for Learning: Participants' perspectives

Various staff members across Oregon's K-12 schools are participating in Chalkboard's Leading for Learning trainings. Here are several participants who share their hopes for the program, and opinions on principals and instructional leadership.

Chalkboard launches Leading For Learning

Excerpts from Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction Salam Noor's comments at the official kickoff event for the second cohort of Leading For Learning, a Chalkboard Project initiative to improve leadership capability among district-level staffers.

Economics of the Achievement Gap

The economic cost of the achievement gap between Oregon's Latino, African-American, and American Indian students and their White peers.

TeachOregon: Improving the clinical experience

This video, produced May-June 2014, captures perspectives of the TeachOregon program after the first year of implementation It focuses on the experiences and opinions about the innovative practice of partnering college educators from teaching programs, established K12 teachers, and teacher students (also called "teacher candidates") to create an intensive teacher preparation program. 

Oregon Educator Equity Report

Report highlighting progress in Oregon towards recruiting, preparing, hiring, retaining, and advancing and educator workforce that better reflects the state's K-12 student demographics.

Creative Leadership Achieves Student Success: The CLASS Project (White Paper)

The CLASS Project is a process by which teachers develop the next generation career model for their districts, which elevates the teaching profession and improves outcomes for children. This paper delineates the CLASS Project model, outlines the research underpinning its strategy, analyzes its impacts on the ground, describes Chalkboard’s accompanying legislative and policy initiatives, and discusses CLASS’ evolution, implementation challenges, and lessons learned.

Teacher Awareness Week 2015

Chalkboard President Sue Hildick sends our thanks to Oregon's teaching workforce and highlights how the Network for Quality Teaching and Learning has supported teachers.

KEX Radio Paul Linnman's Take: Chalkboard and the CLASS Project

1190 KEX News-Radio's "Paul Linnman's Take" highlights a recently published op/ed by Chalkboard Project President Sue Hildick, "How to solve Oregon's education crisis".

Important lessons from the CLASS Project indicate that Oregon would be in the top 10 states for student achievement if the CLASS Project concept were implemented statewide.

Gov. John Kitzhaber congratulates Chalkboard leadership

Oregon Gov. John A. Kitzhaber sent a video congratulatory message to the leadership of the Chalkboard Project. Viewed at their annual meeting of staff, board, trustees, and affiliates, the Chalkboard Project celebrated ten years of work dedicated to making Oregon’s K-12 public schools among the best in the country.

The role of school leadership

The Distinguished Leaders Council, commissioned by Chalkboard Project, developed recommendations based on national research, best practices, and a candid appraisal of Oregon’s current practices in leader preparation.