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TeachOregon: The power of collaboration

All five TeachOregon sites were visited to gather footage for this video in May 2014. The video footage was shot or gathered by Rachael Harms. This video captures perspectives of the TeachOregon program by teachers and administrators in the program.

Is Teaching a Profession?

Paper by Dr. Judith Ramaley that addresses the question of whether the teaching profession is a profession.

"The future of Oregon" video

Great teachers can make the difference between who they are today and who they can become. Find out about the Distinguished Educators Council's ideas to make Oregon schools great places to teach and learn.

Oregon's SB 290: A Primer

The Primer is a guide for Oregon's educational leaders to support the successful implementation of Senate Bill 290.

Making Oregon a great place to teach: Recommendations from the Distinguished Educators Council

Making Oregon a great place to teach is an essential component of improving education. If Oregon is serious about reversing the sliding performance in too many schools and creating vibrant classrooms that help all students achieve at high levels, then making Oregon a great place to teach needs to be a core strategy. This report details recommendations—after months of study and discussion—for ensuring Oregon is a great place to teach.

Talking Points: Achievement Compacts

The achievement compacts aim to build a strong framework for student improvement, and the next steps must include more detail on how to help schools achieve their goals.

K12 Business Practices

Addresses proposals to increase efficiencies in two areas: support services and student transportation.

School Improvement Fund

This issue paper highlights the limited, but growing, number of programs proven effective through experimental trials.