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Arne Duncan meets with CLASS Project educators, Part 1

U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, meets with CLASS Project educators to hear progress report on $22.4 million federal investment in Oregon teachers and students. Part one of two video clips.

Preparing Principals to Evaluate Teachers

An article from the NGA Center for Best Practices discussing teacher evaluation and next steps, professional development, and what Governors can do to ensure principals receive proper training as well as how they can push for changes in state policy.

IT Efficiency and Online Learning Study

An examination of the potential for savings in IT and new revenue streams from online learning in seven Oregon school districts: Amity, Dayton, McMinnville, Newberg, Sheridan, Willamina, and Yamhill-Carlton.

Why Teacher Preparation Matters

A presentation by Chalkboard Project's Kate Dickson. Summarizes the current research and state of teacher preparation programs in Oregon and outlines a plan for continued development.

Local Option Process

A background an analysis of school funding and proposals for reforming the local option process.

Introduction to TIF

A short film introduction to TIF, the Teacher Incentive Fund, and to some of the educators impacted by this grant fund.

An introduction to CLASS and TIF

A comprehensive look at both CLASS and TIF projects with the coaches and school administrators in the programs. Chalkboard Project believes an effective teacher has the single greatest influence on students. The CLASS Project is fundamentally an initiative that puts that research-demonstrated statement into practice.

June Research Update

A analysis by the National Center on Education and the Economy that examines four countries' successful education systems and how the strategies could be applied to U.S. schools.

Exploring School Choice

Explores open enrollment and charter schools for expanding school choice.

Building better retention of teachers

Educators in Sherwood, Tillamook, and Forest Grove speak about how CLASS is helping teachers build leadership roles and control over their careers.

Hispanic Students in Oregon

Additional analysis on from ECONorthwest on the condition of K-12 education for Hispanic students.

Funding Formula Options

Addresses key implementation issues associated with a proposed transition to using average daily attendance, rather than enrollment, as the foundation of Oregon's formula for distributing school revenue.