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FBO announces new board member

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Foundations for a Better Oregon is pleased to announce a new board member, Ana Gomez. Ana is driven to build a more equitable education system by including all community stakeholders in the process. Born and raised in Colombia, her parents were a huge influence and instilled a passion for social work, education, and the arts. Her interest in Oregon education was inspired by her time working with Latino families in Central Oregon. She initially worked as a volunteer and after a few months moved to coordinate the formation of the Juntos program at Oregon State University. Juntos unites community partners with 8-12th grade students and their parents to promote high school completion and skills around college access. Since the program’s inception, Ana has been involved with its exponential growth throughout the state. She currently serves as the associate director of engagement for the Center for Latino and Latina Studies and Engagement (CL@SE) and coordinates Juntos statewide at Oregon State University. Her position gives her the great opportunity to work with more than 1,600 participants and collaborate with governmental and private organizations to mobilize social transformation.

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