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Governor Kate Brown issues an executive order establishing the Governor’s Council on Educator Advancement

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 Sue Hildick

Today marks a promising step to ensure every Oregon student has a great teacher and every school has a great leader. Governor Brown has accelerated improvement in Oregon’s education system by establishing the Council on Educator Advancement to coordinate comprehensive support that delivers excellence in teaching through leadership development, mentorship, and best practices.

For more than a decade, Chalkboard Project has been supporting teachers in building collaborative solutions to get results for kids. Our teachers teach. Our teachers learn. And our teachers must lead. Yet too often we put in place systems that create barriers for their ability to succeed. The Governor’s action changes the paradigm and brings the educator to the table—front and center—to help build a better implementation vehicle and strategy.

“We want Oregon to be the best place in the country for teaching and learning,” says Sue Hildick, president of Chalkboard. To achieve this ambitious goal, Chalkboard engaged in conversations this fall with educators, community leaders, and other key stakeholders to explore a new vision and a better path forward. The Governor’s executive order advances this vision by directing educators to lead the design of a bold new system to better deliver professional learning to all Oregon educators.

The legislature has shown its commitment to supporting educators as key for improving student achievement. In 2013, it set aside funding to create the Network for Quality Teaching and Learning as a statewide umbrella of support for teachers and school leaders. Governor Brown’s leadership validates the state’s commitment to educators, recognizes the role great teachers play in student success, and acknowledges the need to build partnerships that can leverage public and private contributions to this critical work. “The Governor’s executive order builds on our legislative accomplishments over the years and continues to move the needle towards a better system for our teachers and students. This is a promising step forward,” comments Senator Arnie Roblan. Representative Betty Komp adds, “I am thrilled the Governor shares my passion for teaching and learning. We both want teachers and leaders to have the skills and supports to meet the needs of every Oregon student.”

Chalkboard stands ready to partner with the Governor and others to elevate the profession: strengthen and expand educator voice, and ensure every Oregon classroom has a great teacher. 

Read the Governor's executive order.

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