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Allan Bruner

Aug 26, 2013

In-service day reflections

For many classroom educators, today is the beginning of “teacher in-service,” that time when we all get back into our classrooms after summer activities. For some it is a time of great expectations. We've been thinking all summer about how to set up that bulletin board better, or how to teach that first lesson on fractions a little differently. For others, it is a time of great anticipation; that new teacher is finally in her or his first classroom, hoping the pass code to the copy machine is correct and looking forward to that first day with kids in the room.

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Jun 24, 2013

"To claim for one's own"

There is a moving scene in the 1992 film, “Lorenzo’s Oil,” in which Augusto Odone, played by Nick Nolte, is accused of being “arrogant” by a fellow ALD father in the context of challenging the prevailing medical paradigm regarding the disease process, which is at the heart of this motion picture.

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Apr 8, 2013

I love statistics!

I love statistics. As a former teacher of AP Statistics and a PhD candidate, I have had the privilege of using (and abusing) statistical analysis with the best of them. As a practicing classroom science teacher, I have had the privilege of introducing a great number of students to the fine arts of backing up an argument or an experiment with adequate data and statistical analysis.

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Nov 27, 2012

Pursuing valuable professional development

Portions of the following essay were printed in “The Oregon Science Teacher” in their pre-conference edition in September, 2010. The theme of the conference was “The Pursuit of Excellence in Science Teaching.”  Allan Bruner was the Conference Chair and Past-President of the OSTA when this essay was initially written. He currently serves this chapter affiliate of the National Science Teachers Association as the Comptroller.

Webster’s Dictionary defines “excellence” as:

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Aug 7, 2012

Thinking about the Common Core state standards

I am the type of person who spends a lot of time thinking about projects.  As an undergraduate chemistry major, I performed many “thought experiments” (to borrow the term credited to Galileo).  I changed temperatures and times and concentrations, all the while keeping track of how those changes altered the outcome of my experimental set ups, all in the comfort of the quiet study area just off the floor of the main lab facility.  My lab partner always thought I was crazy for spending so much time and effort in thought; his approach was much more the “get out there and get messy” approach.  H

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