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Jenny Gillet

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Nov 30, 2017

Always a learner: From teaching to coaching

Growing up I never really found my niche at school. I don’t remember a lot of dynamic teaching and never felt truly inspired or encouraged. After majoring in psychology at Virginia Tech, I moved to Portland, studied acting, played drums in rock bands, and waited tables.

I didn’t realize until later how passionate I am about learning. That’s why I went to graduate school at Lewis & Clark to become a teacher—to have the impact on kids that I missed.

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Aug 30, 2017

On the effectiveness of professional learning

Throughout the 12 years I spent as a classroom teacher, I attended numerous professional development classes. There were some that renewed my passion for teaching and made me incredibly hopeful of the impact I could have on my students’ learning. Others didn’t make too much of an impression. They were almost always one-time sessions. And so, over the years, my professional learning turned into a hodgepodge of experiences: required classes, opportunities that just came up, and my own professional interests.

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