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Perla Sitcov

Apr 1, 2019

Finding New Ways To Connect: How Community Circles Are Helping David Douglas Students

Earlier this year the report, From a Nation at Risk to a Nation at Hope, confirmed what is intuitively known about supporting student learning but is often left out of the discussion. Based on research and conversations with young people, parents, teachers, school and district leaders, and community leaders, the report found that science and experience converged on one main point: “Children learn best when we treat them as human beings, with social and emotional as well as academic needs.

Feb 26, 2018

Interview with Oregon Student Voice member Ebado Abdi

We recently sat down with Ebado Abdi, a senior at West View High School in Beaverton, to find out more about an issue she is passionate about–elevating student voice. An active member of Oregon Student Voice, Ebado has great insight about how students are powerful change agents and how students and educators can work together to improve our school system.

This is your last year of high school before you go to college, looking back how was your overall experience in school?

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Jan 4, 2018

Let’s Talk: How Conversations Around Equity Can Help Students Feel More Connected

In early December, the National Center for Education Statistics released its four-year graduation rate for school year 2015-16. The results indicate that Oregon high school students continue to struggle with graduating on time; our state ranked bottom third. Low graduation rates are caused by many factors including chronic absenteeism. Students that consistently miss school fall behind in their classes and often have difficultly catching up. How do we help and encourage students to consistently go to school so that they can graduate on time and set themselves up for future success?

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