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Sue Hildick

Jul 25, 2014

Education equity and teacher effectiveness

We have, indeed, made progress toward raising the bar of teaching effectiveness in Oregon. But until all districts adopt a laser-like focus in supporting their teachers and working collaboratively to improve the quality of instruction, Oregon will continue to hover in the middle of the pack as compared to other states in the nation. 

Jul 30, 2014

Why do we keep talking about equity?

We are determined to align our internal and external resources for greater equity. We especially want to better understand the underpinnings of racial equity.

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Feb 13, 2015

Statement: Response to Governor Kitzhaber's resignation

We are saddened by the Governor’s announcement of his resignation from office. Governor Kitzhaber has been a dedicated and staunch supporter of education in our state. As governor, he worked to advance policies and supports to improve our education system with a focus on equity, student achievement, teacher quality, and closing achievement gaps.

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Feb 19, 2015

Letter to Kate Brown

Any assessment system we design must align with these new standards and must include the use of annual summative assessments for all students in grades 3-8 and once in high school. We are concerned, however, with the recent movement of downplaying the importance of statewide annual assessments for measuring overall student achievement, closing achievement gaps, and holding our public education system accountable for the significant state investment in it.

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