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Tim Nesbitt

Apr 2, 2013

Challenging courses in high school pay off in college

Sometimes big ideas come with small price tags. It's the doing, not the dollars, that delivers the most dramatic results. That's what we're seeing as more and more high schools make college-credit courses available to their students. It's a practice that is not just making high schools better. It's also making college cheaper.

  • Student Success
Apr 30, 2013

School funding can't always be someone else's responsibility

A few hours after Oregon House Democrats failed to pass a tax increase for high-income individuals and corporations last week, I mentioned to a staffer for one of their members that an alternative revenue package might now be in order.

  • Finance and Accountability
Jul 9, 2013

Oregon has big new ideas for education beyond high school

Tim Nesbitt writes on public affairs, has served as an adviser to Govs. Ted Kulongoski and John Kitzhaber, and is past president of the Oregon AFL-CIO. He writes an opinion column for The Oregonian on alternate Tuesdays. This column was originally posted to OregonLive.com on July 9, 2013 and can be found in its entirety here .

  • Finance and Accountability