TeachOregon featured in EdWeek | Chalkboard Project

TeachOregon featured in EdWeek

Thursday, June 27, 2013 Michelle Morico

Today, John Wilson of Education Week's John Wilson Unleashed blog wrote a great piece about Chalkboard's TeachOregon initiative. "TeachOregon: Growing Great Teachers" can be found here in its entirety. 

"No one questions that the next generation of teachers will play different roles, will have some of the most high tech tools to support their teaching, will teach the most diverse group of American children, and will need a great deal of professional support to assure a high quality of teaching. But that next generation is being stifled in its growth by politicians who want less preparation, less dedication to teaching as a career, and less investment in teacher quality. Bridging that divide has required bold leaders to step up and show what can and must be done to support teacher development in the 21st century. You can find that leadership in Oregon.

Oregon has been blessed to have an independent education 501(c)3 called the Chalkboard Project, an entity devoted to making Oregon's public schools the best in the nation. It would be great if every state had a similar advocate with no agenda other than the creation of great public schools. The Chalkboard Project offers high quality research and partners with educators and experts to pilot innovative reforms. It also provides citizens, educators, and policy-makers with legitimate, transparent, and honest information. In addition, this group respects teachers and their unions. It understands that reform is done with teachers and not to teachers, and it acts on that understanding."

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