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What does it take to become an Oregon teacher? Have you got a “minute”?

Friday, October 23, 2015 Hilda Roselli

These days, if someone stops me in the grocery store to ask how to become a teacher, I often joked they should put their ice cream in the freezer while I explained the intricacies of admission, preparation, and licensure.

Eventually, I wondered how do most people find information before deciding to enter Oregon’s teaching profession? When I searched the Internet, I saw multiple websites—often with conflicting information and/or content not updated in years. What was needed was a one-stop website.

With funding from the 2013 legislature, the Oregon Department of Education and Chief Education Office teamed up with Mambo Media to create and launch a new website called TeachInOregon.

We had three main objectives:

Promote the teaching profession by emphasizing wonderful Oregon teachers who make a difference every day. See video clips to learn more.
Emphasize Oregon’s need for more culturally and linguistically diverse teachers. Our website is available in English and Spanish, and we’ll be adding an additional component soon designed to better connect and facilitate networking between Oregon’s teachers of color.
Provide useful information based on a visitor’s personal needs or interest. For example, high school students interested in teaching don’t need to know about every stage of licensure—just what steps to take next.  And licensed teachers from out of state are probably most interested in learning about reciprocal licensing, career options, and available jobs.

With many changes underway at the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission, we know we will be updating the website regularly to reflect changes in fees, licensure requirements and improved resources for future teachers. Visitors to the site can also directly link to each educator preparation program in Oregon, and even download a common fact sheet provided by the majority of programs.

The TeachInOregon website is a work in progress and is still in its infancy stage. We look forward to your comments and feedback to help make the website even more useful. Please send any suggestions or ideas to me via email on this new and exciting resource for Oregon teachers.

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