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Chalkboard Project launches a school board governance pilot with an eye on educational equity

Monday, August 21, 2017 Communications Team

Portland, Ore—August 21, 2017—Chalkboard Project (Chalkboard) launches a new initiative to improve student outcomes through school board governance and equity. In September, two school districts—Corvallis and Medford—will begin working with expert trainers to develop effective governance models and policies, and strengthen the use of equity as an important lever in raising student achievement.

“We believe if school board members are better prepared to know and understand key elements of their role to impact equity of opportunity and achievement, then students will experience better support and overall success,” says Erin Prince, vice president of education policy at Chalkboard. “The pilot will help school board members and superintendents learn how to transform their districts into high performing systems and ensure all children have the educational opportunity they deserve.”

Oregon is one of 24 states that does not require any training for school board members. Many members take advantage of training and ongoing support provided by the Oregon School Boards Association (OSBA) and Chalkboard is excited to partner with OSBA in testing better ways to implement equitable practices and sound governance policies to help districts be better equipped to impact the success of all students.

“The emergence of equity as a priority for education is the next chapter in the Civil Rights movement,” says Vincent Adams, board chair for the Corvallis School District. “We’ve made remarkable progress in improving academic outcomes for students in recent years and are delighted to partner with Chalkboard in learning how to create systems that actively include everyone in safe and healthy learning environments.”

“Research shows highly trained and effective school boards have a dramatic impact on student achievement. We are proud of the work we’ve accomplished the last several years to close the achievement gap and move the needle for kids. Working with expert trainers and Chalkboard is going to take us to the next level,” notes Karen Starchvick, board chair for the Medford School District.

Funding for the pilot comes from Foundations for a Better Oregon, Chalkboard’s parent organization, and is currently limited to two districts. To be eligible to participate, the districts must already have a district-wide equity policy and all school board members and the superintendent agree to participate fully in the training.  

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