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May 9 2013

The parent cliff

We all know that to best serve Oregon’s kids, we must create an integrated education system from birth through early adulthood. We also know that one of the strongest predictors of children’s school success is parent and family engagement. While most of us have known this intuitively for a long time, it is now clear that how we engage parents, families, and other caring adults is absolutely essential. As an example, I am heartened to see the Oregon Education Investment Board lists parent and family engagement as one of its top five priorities for education in Oregon.

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May 29 2013

Let Principals Choose the Best Teachers for their Schools

When I was a kindergarten teacher, my principal was able to build a strong, high-performing school culture through selecting the best teachers who could meet the needs of our students.

Our principal and teachers were ferociously committed to our school’s vision. Collaboratively, we all held each other and ourselves accountable to our mission of helping each student excel in and out of the classroom.

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