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Jun 3 2013

The act of investing

The other day I was explaining the concept of an investment to one of my relatives who you might say is on a fixed income (a weekly allowance). She wanted to buy a better camera so we talked about ways she might have to limit weekly purchases from her allowance in order to invest in an additional purchase.

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Jul 1 2013

Dr. Nancy Golden serves as Interim Chief Education Officer

We are pleased that Dr. Golden has been recommended by the OEIB subcommittee to serve as the interim Chief Education Officer. Her leadership and her passion for improving outcomes for all students will serve the state well. If appointed, Dr. Golden will continue a critical advisory role on our work to strengthen teacher preparation through the TeachOregon initiative.

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Jul 30 2013

Building ramps

Come on, people! The Legislature treated education reasonably well in this last session and began the process of adding back dollars and supports to a beleaguered system. Let’s take a minute to revel in the relative success (glass is half full), then agree that our system is not working for many of Oregon’s most vulnerable children. It is utterly unacceptable to keep doing things the way we have always done them. We are in a new world that demands new ideas and action.

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Aug 12 2013

The problem with proficiency: Part I

The recent implementation of HB 2220 legislation is the latest effort to sway educators to adjust their practices in significant ways. My school has had a fair share of exposure to proficiency-based assessment over the years. Through that exposure, I profoundly changed how I taught and assessed students. Gone were the extra-credit opportunities, they amounted often times to meaningless grade inflation. I threw out deductions for late assignments—I wanted to assess their academic growth, not their ability to hit a deadline.

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Aug 14 2013

The problem with proficiency: Part 2

In my last post I talked about the three (possibly) faulty assumptions at work in the proficiency argument, and now I am going to talk about four problems with the implementation of HB 2220.

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