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Apr 2 2014

What are the underlying causes of student absenteeism?

The “Empty Desks” series thoughtfully investigated the ways in which younger students weren’t in school either, and their classes were often much smaller. In those cases, it’s a parent issue, and I wish the series probed the way in which the greater community perceives schools.

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Sep 23 2014

Public-private partnerships: A driving force behind innovation and change

I am not a great traveler. I love to do it, but I’m not great at it, whether it’s for work or for play. First, I never know what to pack. Second, I can’t imagine how my husband and three girls will manage without me. Finally, I never know if it will be worth the effort. On August 14 and 15, I overcame these personal hurdles and attended a briefing about the evolving role of state education agencies.

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Feb 19 2015

Letter to Kate Brown

Any assessment system we design must align with these new standards and must include the use of annual summative assessments for all students in grades 3-8 and once in high school. We are concerned, however, with the recent movement of downplaying the importance of statewide annual assessments for measuring overall student achievement, closing achievement gaps, and holding our public education system accountable for the significant state investment in it.

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