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Oct 1 2014

Why do effective teachers leave some schools, and not others?

While some analysis of the initiative seems to indicate that Secretary Duncan is at least aware of the need for equitable (read: more) pay for teachers in needy schools, he makes no effort to address other factors that steer teachers away from disadvantaged schools, such as high student-teacher ratios, demanding and often hostile conditions, poor classroom environments, and lack of parent and community support.

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Jul 7 2015

Merit pay doesn't work, so what does?

Co-authors and Chalkboard staffers Julie Smith, educator effectiveness coordinator, and Bev Pratt, TIF grant manager, will be presenting a blog post series this summer on teacher compensation.

This is the first blog post in that series.

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Sep 14 2015

Will alternative teacher compensation models serve the profession and students better?

Alternative compensation has taken on a whole new look, moving away from a focus on student test scores to realizing that there are many other components of being an effective educator. Districts that have moved to alternative compensation systems have taken time to unpack what they believe are evidence of effective educator practices.

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