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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Teachers, once isolated, are now empowered

 Fostering a school district-wide culture of professional learning and collaboration can pose a challenge when schools and teachers range across a district that covers 6,062 square miles.

The Klamath County School District is 40 times the geographic size of Portland Public Schools. Yet the district has 6,500 students in 23 schools, compared to Portland’s 48,000 students in 79 schools.

But thanks to a dynamic district leadership team and a grant through the School District Collaboration Fund, distance is less of a barrier to teacher collaboration in Klamath County. 

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Feb 16 2017

An aspiring leader remembers how it felt to be a disconnected and disenfranchised teenager

Alyssa Dodds was a high school dropout at 16. She didn’t feel challenged or motivated, and after an administrator suggested she stay enrolled so as not to ruin the school’s “numbers,” she walked out.

Eventually she earned a GED, working two jobs on the way to a degree from the University of Oregon. She says,  “It was really good to go to college and reinvigorate my love for learning.”

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Teacher standing at front of class
Apr 14 2016

Connecting professional learning and leadership to improved student outcomes

The recent release of our final report about the federally funded Teacher Incentive Fund and the statewide news coverage last week re-opened the subject of teacher performance pay. Most readers likely came away with the impression that TIF’s focus was solely on performance pay and failed to make a lasting impact. Chalkboard would like to share the full story.

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Jun 27 2013

TeachOregon featured in EdWeek

Today, John Wilson of Education Week's John Wilson Unleashed blog wrote a great piece about Chalkboard's TeachOregon initiative. "TeachOregon: Growing Great Teachers" can be found here in its entirety. 

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