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Oct 29 2012

The value of time

We can think differently about how we deliver traditional education services during these hours, days and weeks. We can better utilize technology during non-traditional “school hours,” not to mention caring parents and committed community members. There are models for all this, too.

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May 6 2013

Method or mission?

In what ways have you seen methodology trump mission in education? Do you see similar issues in other fields?

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Jul 8 2013

CLASS in Springfield public schools

Laura Scruggs has worked in education for 21 years including six years as a fifth grade teacher in Bandon and twelve years at seventh grade in Springfield. Currently coordinating the Global Institute for Teacher Advancement, Laura has worked on Springfield's CLASS and TeachOregon teams and is building the Springfield Immersion and Master Teacher programs. Laura is very active in the Springfield Education Association (SEA) and is serving as the Bargaining Chair.

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Aug 26 2013

In-service day reflections

For many classroom educators, today is the beginning of “teacher in-service,” that time when we all get back into our classrooms after summer activities. For some it is a time of great expectations. We've been thinking all summer about how to set up that bulletin board better, or how to teach that first lesson on fractions a little differently. For others, it is a time of great anticipation; that new teacher is finally in her or his first classroom, hoping the pass code to the copy machine is correct and looking forward to that first day with kids in the room.

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Jan 22 2014

Meet the Distinguished Leaders Council

In just a few days, the Distinguished Leaders Council (DLC) will meet for the first time at the Chalkboard headquarters. This group of exceptional leaders will begin discussions regarding “the state of educational leadership” and attempt to identify key strategies for ensuring great leadership in every school across Oregon. The 16 members of the Council were selected because of their unique experiences, successful leadership, and their reputations for “out-of-the-box” thinking.

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