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Mar 23 2015

Being a teacher. Being a leader. Why can't we have both?

There are many components of extra duties and contributing factors that a teacher contributes to make a school successful. We just didn’t call it district leadership, or shared leadership, and they weren’t paid for it.

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May 26 2015

It didn't take long to feel the power of collaboration

What happens when you bring together educators and school leaders for an all-day event to share innovations and best practices? You get a super-charged environment of learning, collaboration, creativity, and connection.

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Oct 9 2015

Leadership and the evolution of district-wide culture

CLASS’s most transformative impact is the change within that district’s culture, yet this change is difficult to explain or capture on a spreadsheet. Specifically, I am referring to changing the collective mindset toward teaching and learning, and prioritizing certain strategies because they positively impact student achievement.

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