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Jul 2 2013

Engaging first generation college students in Oregon's 40/40/20 college plan

At a recent neighborhood gathering, a grandfather mentioned that his grandson was going to college to study construction trades. Another neighbor asked, “Can you do that in college?” A few days later during a school faculty meeting, a teacher lamented he wasn’t sure our first generation college students could go to college. “Is there really a way to prepare them?” he asked. Since this years’ summer break started, two parents and five students contacted me at home to ask if I could help them negotiate the next steps to college. The answers to the above questions are—yes, yes, and yes!

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Jul 24 2013

Playworks: A positive recess experience

In addition to reducing bullying and helping to clear the way for improved classroom learning, a positive recess experience has other important benefits. Earlier this year, the American Academy of Pediatrics pointed to the indispensable “cognitive, physical, emotional and social benefits” that recess delivers to children.

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Aug 19 2013

IDEC 2013: A recap

Darcy Bedortha is an Oregon IDEA Sr. Organizing Fellow, a high school English teacher and long time advocate for youth and social justice. She lives and works in Prineville, Oregon. 

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Jan 15 2015

Common Core, non-fiction texts, and you

While much of the Common Core buzz has centered on mathematics, another change is the increased use of non-fiction texts. While many schools already made such increases before Common Core, there are now mandatory increases of using non-fiction texts, beginning at the kindergarten level.

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Apr 3 2015

Millenial leadership meet Baby Boomer traditions

Leaders can start by blending a style that acknowledges those Baby Boomers who are accustomed to a certain style leadership—task centered and reluctant to change—while grooming the landscape for an influx of new talent that isn’t attached to any form of leadership, but intrinsically want feedback, collaboration, and relevance.

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