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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Teaching is really hard, especially when you are new

I have the best job. I help teachers learn to become better teachers. Ultimately, I’m responsible for making sure their kids have the best year possible by helping their teachers be their best.

I work as a mentor for 16 first- and second-year classroom teachers spread across 10 elementary schools in the Bend-La Pine School District, where I started out as a teacher myself more than a decade ago.

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Aug 22 2012

Reflections on teacher preparation

I have yet to meet my student teacher but I know already that she will be enthusiastic, ready to learn and most likely ignorant about the realities of the teaching profession. I know that sounds a bit pessimistic, but the reality is classes about teaching are not the same as teaching. I also fear that my help won't provide all that she needs to hit the ground running as a polished professional in her first year teaching. In order to become someone my district classifies a “distinguished teacher,” it takes experience on the job.

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Jan 25 2016

Mentoring is the engineering of educators

Research shows that beginning teachers who have a mentor are more likely to believe their instructional practices have improved and they are more satisfied with their jobs, leading to higher teacher retention rates.  If we wish to recruit, retain, and raise high-quality, effective beginning teachers, mentor programs are vital to the educational system.

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