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Student teacher working with young students
Sep 26 2016

A new paradigm for preparing new teachers

“TeachOregon is transformational because it impacts every phase of becoming a teacher,” says Kevin Carr, an education professor with Pacific University. “It works because it took on the whole system.”

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Aug 22 2012

Chalkboard awards grants to prepare the next generation of teachers

Today, the Chalkboard Project awarded grants totaling $180,000 to school district and university partnerships that will design innovative models to prepare the next generation of Oregon teachers. In total the grantees serve over a quarter of Oregon’s K-12 students and 65% of teacher candidates annually.

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Aug 22 2012

Reflections on teacher preparation

I have yet to meet my student teacher but I know already that she will be enthusiastic, ready to learn and most likely ignorant about the realities of the teaching profession. I know that sounds a bit pessimistic, but the reality is classes about teaching are not the same as teaching. I also fear that my help won't provide all that she needs to hit the ground running as a polished professional in her first year teaching. In order to become someone my district classifies a “distinguished teacher,” it takes experience on the job.

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Sep 17 2012

Building social capital among teachers

Professional learning communities in schools, when run well, can profoundly enhance social capital and, thus student achievement. At PSU we are working with our P-12 school partners and other universities in the Metro area to find ways to build social capital among teacher candidates, P-12 teachers and administrators, and university faculty.

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Oct 8 2012

TeachOregon: Comments from Dr. Hilda Rosselli

"In order to transform Oregon’s system into the world class leader in education necessary to reach the 40-40-20 Goal, the state must prioritize the recruitment, advancement and support of a diverse corps of professional educators.”

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