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May 29 2013

Let Principals Choose the Best Teachers for their Schools

When I was a kindergarten teacher, my principal was able to build a strong, high-performing school culture through selecting the best teachers who could meet the needs of our students.

Our principal and teachers were ferociously committed to our school’s vision. Collaboratively, we all held each other and ourselves accountable to our mission of helping each student excel in and out of the classroom.

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Jun 4 2013

Myths About Educator Preparation Programs Part II

It is true that methods classes include discussions of theory and research and in that sense may seem abstract. However, a good understanding of theory and research provides the foundation for meaningful classroom observation and reflection.

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Jun 27 2013

TeachOregon featured in EdWeek

Today, John Wilson of Education Week's John Wilson Unleashed blog wrote a great piece about Chalkboard's TeachOregon initiative. "TeachOregon: Growing Great Teachers" can be found here in its entirety. 

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Aug 7 2013

Can the teaching profession be trusted?

I asked this question in a 2008 article I wrote for Phi Delta Kappan. Part of my response to the question was that “if the teaching profession is ever to be trusted to manage its professional affairs, we must unite around principles and standards that will serve students and the community well.”

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