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Sep 9 2013

The Arbor School partnership

Through the Act and Research project, apprentices learn the value and real-world practice of learning from experience, gauging success and areas of improvement, and constantly evolving one's own teaching to better the classroom and the lives of students. All ideas and actions inform the next decision. Ask questions, collect information, make adaptations, repeat.

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Oct 17 2013

TFA study raises questions about teacher preparation

Nationwide, according to the New Teacher Center, only about half of states require some form of mentoring or other induction experience for new teachers. Oregon does not have a mandatory mentoring or induction requirement, but has in recent years recognized and increased support for mentor and induction programs for beginning teachers.

  • Teacher Preparation
Nov 4 2013

Staying Power: Securing the Gains in Education Reform

I hear often that there is conclusive evidence that teachers are the top “in-house” factor in student achievement, yet since I started following education policy in Oregon in the late 1970s, education reform has been focused on standards, content, assessment—pretty much everything BUT the quality of teaching in our public schools. So it is exciting to see in Oregon today a new focus on supporting and strengthening teaching in Oregon.

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Nov 7 2013

Teacher Contract Database launched

Today we launched the Teacher Contract Database, an online tool designed to help individuals understand and compare collective bargaining agreements for Oregon’s public school districts. Collective bargaining agreements directly impact teacher working conditions and the learning environment in schools. These contracts shape school district policies and budgeting.

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Dec 3 2013

Supporting teachers and students—regardless of their zip code

Too often new teachers enter the Disillusionment Phase as a result of a ‘sink or swim’ experience where they have been thrown into a new profession and assume sole responsibility for the learning of 30 or more students with very little support —even the best and brightest new educators struggle.

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