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Teachers working together at blackboard
May 9 2016

Transforming professional learning to support our educators

As Chalkboard Project works with teachers and school administrators across Oregon to improve student achievement and expand opportunity, our conversations often come back to meaningful professional learning for educators.

There is no question that a top-notch workforce—highly skilled and trained—is essential to improving student achievement. And it’s not just about the coursework teachers take in college, but the ongoing learning opportunities they engage in throughout their careers.

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Oct 13 2016

Teachers need opportunities to work together

Going on 27 years as a teacher, Michael Mann still craves the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues.

He just doesn’t have time in his schedule—about two hours a month—to work as much as he wants with his fellow teachers to discuss curriculum and instruction and the progress of their students.

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Feb 9 2016

TELL survey is now open

The 2016 Teaching, Empowering, Leading and Learning (TELL) Oregon Survey launched February 1.

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