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Oct 15 2012

Part 2: Principles for implementation of more rigorous evaluation systems

Melissa Tooley is a teacher quality and data analyst at The Education Trust. Melissa’s work at the Ed Trust focuses on evaluating and influencing policy to ensure that all students receive the effective teachers they need and deserve. This is part one in a series of blog posts discussing educator evaluations.

My last blog post reviewed the key components of a well-designed educator evaluation system. But without a strong plan for implementation, even the best-designed systems won’t be game changers for students.

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Nov 5 2012

A Visionary Leader: Ericka Guynes

Last month as a part of the “Principal for Almost a Day” program, I had the honor of spending (almost) a day shadowing Ericka Guynes, principal of Earl Boyles Elementary School in the David Douglas School District.

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Jan 28 2013

Time, training and trust

Education reform is well-meaning but does not always further teachers’ ability to teach. I would like to put forth a shopping list of teacher needs. Our primary need is to add back our lost funding, because our students are slipping through the cracks as programs are cut, and class sizes burst at the seams. Oregon teachers need to work in schools where the focus is not on cutting resources.

Secondarily, we need:


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