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Mar 18 2013

Investing in our educators: The time is now

Every day over 28,000 teachers walk into Oregon’s public schools to teach, support, and guide over 560,000 K-12 students. They make hundreds of decisions each hour, determining how best to engage a student, reteach a concept, respond to a behavior, assess a child’s situation, and inspire learning. And when they drive home at night, many are still replaying the day, planning for tomorrow, and reflecting on what they can do to reach the day’s reluctant learners.

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May 6 2013

Method or mission?

In what ways have you seen methodology trump mission in education? Do you see similar issues in other fields?

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May 22 2013

The Middle Level Takes Center Stage

The Oregon Middle Level Association is excited to announce that Oregon is now an official “Schools to Watch” state. The Schools to Watch (STW) initiative, sponsored by the National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform, is an effort to ensure that young adolescents are prepared to be lifelong learners ready for college, career and citizenship. The STW initiative accomplishes its goal by identifying high-performing middle-grades schools that are on a solid upward trajectory in regard to academic excellence, developmental responsiveness, social equity and organizational effectiveness.

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May 28 2013

Why Does Class Size Matter?

I’m worried that the recession will never end for children in our Oregon public schools. The crisis will be declared over and the general public will have adjusted to larger class sizes and fewer programs. We’ll continue with classes near the largest in the country and wonder why our children still aren’t outperforming kids in countries that invest more in education.

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