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Jun 3 2013

The act of investing

The other day I was explaining the concept of an investment to one of my relatives who you might say is on a fixed income (a weekly allowance). She wanted to buy a better camera so we talked about ways she might have to limit weekly purchases from her allowance in order to invest in an additional purchase.

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Jun 4 2013

Myths About Educator Preparation Programs Part II

It is true that methods classes include discussions of theory and research and in that sense may seem abstract. However, a good understanding of theory and research provides the foundation for meaningful classroom observation and reflection.

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Jun 10 2013

Teaching in NYC: My Personal Experience

Being a first year teacher, without certification, and facing a class full of struggling students was intimidating. If public school teachers weren’t able to get these students to perform at grade level, why would I be any better at helping them accomplish their academic goals?

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Jun 24 2013

"To claim for one's own"

There is a moving scene in the 1992 film, “Lorenzo’s Oil,” in which Augusto Odone, played by Nick Nolte, is accused of being “arrogant” by a fellow ALD father in the context of challenging the prevailing medical paradigm regarding the disease process, which is at the heart of this motion picture.

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Jun 27 2013

TeachOregon featured in EdWeek

Today, John Wilson of Education Week's John Wilson Unleashed blog wrote a great piece about Chalkboard's TeachOregon initiative. "TeachOregon: Growing Great Teachers" can be found here in its entirety. 

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